Why You Need a Doula in Your Life

Hey M+W babes!

I thought that today I would take the opportunity to explain why I feel so passionate about being your Doula and what exactly I can do to make your journey to parenthood as magical and smooth as possible.

The journey to parenthood is often thought to “come naturally” as if all the knowledge that you’re missing from a life experience you’ve yet to have will somehow find its way to you and you’ll just know. To me this is comparable to sending someone on a road trip in a foreign place with no map, no cell phone, and saying “don’t worry, it’ll come to you and you’ll find your way!”. Next to impossible if I say so myself.

The foundation of support I provide can be thought of as three pillars– emotional, informational, and physical. There’s specific and evidence based research that tells us why each of these pillars are absolutely essential in preparing you for what’s to come.


– making you feel cared for, respected, and safe [this is important for birth]

– validating your feelings and listening to you, you are never alone

– completely unbiased support, I will never pass my judgements on to you because this isn’t about anyone except you


– information is power and therefore I want to make sure that you have zero unanswered question when it comes to the journey of birth and parenthood

– I am a resource, not a source. That means that I research and source evidence based studies and information to relay to you

– when you know your options, you can make informed decisions that allow you to stay within your power and advocate for the birth that you want


– physical support is supporting you face-to-face [or screen to face? this is a weird time we’re living in]

– I provide non-medical pain interventions, physical touch has crazy comforting powers!

– physical support can also look like help with your newborn; assisting with breastfeeding, bathing baby, easing your anxieties about worries you may have

The foundation of support is just where my expertise starts, from there it branches out much farther and my support can reach individuals in all stages of the maternal journey. From infertility, pregnancy + birth, postpartum, and loss– where you have a need I can fill the void.

In a normal circumstance [pre-covid] patients get such a limited amount of time with their care providers because let’s face it, they’re busy people. Think of me as the person that takes up that space between appointments that you can count on and turn to in times of unknown.

There are three areas that I find people are lacking the appropriate amount of support; pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Considering that this is such a spiritual, magical, and life changing experience we need to stop treating it as a medical emergency and remove the fear when it comes to pregnancy, delivery, and then bringing baby home! Here’s how I can help!


– always feeling heard and supported

– teaching you informed consent, your rights, and always advocating on your behalf

– removing the fear from birth and creating a dreamy + relaxing birth space

– providing education, information, and translating medical terminology so you feel prepared and in-the-know

– teaching and providing you comfort measures


– this usually looks like physical support during your birth for both yourself and your partner [if you have one]

– physical touch is so magical and is a great non-medical intervention, I can provide this comfort measure or I can teach your partner

– during your birth it’s my job to make sure that everyone who is in the birth space is respecting what you want

– I will keep you grounded and remind you of the things you requested previous to the birth [for example: not asking you if you need anything, you will tell me if you need anything]


– all hands on deck, this is support for when you bring baby home!

– not only will I be there with you physically [tidying, sibling care, help with baby] but I’ll also be your walking newborn encyclopaedic

– mental health is a huge priority when it comes to postpartum and making sure that you are being taken care of, you can’t pour from an empty cup

– the goal of postpartum support is to make you feel so sure and secure in yourself as a new parents that by the end of our time together you’ll feel like you don’t need me anymore!

I absolutely love working with people who are expecting and getting to see them come into their power and have the birth experience that they want to have. I know that a lot of people are skeptical, have heard rumours, or just don’t really know our role in the dynamic of a family situation– lets clear up some of these myths.

MYTH: a Doula will replace my significant other/partner and make them feel excluded from the experience
TRUTH: Doula’s work with your partners, not against them! Even though they aren’t the partner in your relationship that is carrying the baby, we want them to be just as involved and on the same page.

MYTH: a Doula will tell me how I should treat my pregnancy and how I should birth
TRUTH: Doula’s are always unbiased and never push their views or opinions onto you. Our job is to give you all the information and options so that you can make a decision that feels best for you and your baby.

MYTH: if I have a Doula I don’t have to see my healthcare provider as often or regularly
TRUTH: Doula’s do not replace your healthcare provider, we simply bridge the gap between you and your Doctor when it comes to unanswered questions, your rights, and generally being prepared for what’s to come.

MYTH: I’m past my first trimester so I missed the mark of working with a Doula
TRUTH: you’re never too late when it comes to working with a Doula! We can be brought onto your maternal team at any point during your pregnancy, for delivery, and any point through postpartum.

I hope this helped shed some light on the wonderful work I do as a Doula, and maybe even opened your mind to the idea of bringing a Doula into your parenting journey.

Remember that I offer FREE virtual Doula consultations! Book one here.

I love hearing from you– so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, feedback, or concerns you may be experiencing.

Stay well + stay smiling loves!

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